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Website Maintenance


Do you already have a Website? Haven’t looked at it in a while? Frequent monitoring of your Website is vital for sustaining your business online. We will work on your Website for an hourly rate for the total time or an initial hourly rate with a package rate, whichever is more affordable for your budget. Superstar Universe, LLC Website Maintenance packages regularly checks your Website for problems or security updates and maintains your content with relevant information for you. Maintenance should be done on a regular basis in order to offer a high-quality professional Website, fortify Search Engine results, and promote traffic development to connect with and retain customers. The larger or more dynamic a Website, if not properly maintained, can produce security risks and slow or even bring to a halt your business expansion. We will work with you to create an appropriate Website Maintenance plan to support your Website’s overall welfare, drive traffic and prevent hackers while preserving your online presence.

  • Recommended Daily Maintenance
    • Moderate comments for spam
    • Update content like products and blog posts to connect with your users
    • Check for platform software updates for security purposes
  • Minimum Weekly Maintenance
    • Make sure pages load quickly with little to no errors
    • All forms are returning user entered data properly
    • Check for broken links and search for 404 errors to fix or redirect
    • Update content like products and blog post
    • Check for platform software security updates
    • Backup all Website files in case of downtime
    • View your Website on different devices for Mobile Responsiveness
    • View Website on all the browsers for compatibility
  • Monthly Maintenance
    • Backup files
    • Check load speeds of your pages
    • Analyze traffic statistics
    • Check content and make relevant updates
    • Software Security Updates
  • Every 3 Months
    • Revisit the overall Website design to improve user experience
    • Evaluate any outdated graphics or images and rotate them out accordingly
    • Assess current SEO plan and update any necessary titles or descriptions for triumphant search results
    • Review marketing campaigns for any updates
    • Test and update any forms and calls to action for user interaction
    • Mobile Responsiveness Testing
    • Browser Compatibility Testing
    • Content updates
    • Software Security Updates
  • Maximum Yearly Maintenance
    • Renew your Annual Domain Name Rental with ICANN
    • Renew your Annual Web Hosting Plan
    • Cycle out, Remove or Change any Outdated Content
    • Check Content for any Errors
    • Software Security Updates
    • Remove any broken E-mail links
    • Revisit the overall Website design
    • Backup files


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