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General Information FAQ

Multimedia is the mixing of multiple forms of media. It uses computers to combine audio, voice, language or text, music, graphics or images, drawings or paintings, static and dynamic images or animation or videos in visual presentations. The media can be stored in digital memory, presented publicly, or shared in televised media over the Internet or Web via a Website or a private network intranet site, through instant messages or email.

A Website or Web presences is a collection of information on one or more pages posted online or to the internet. The World Wide Web is like a phone book of telephone numbers but is a directory of Website names or top level domains. Domains are Website names like our Website, Social Media Website like or a Search Engine Website like These Websites are publicly accessible by typing their name into a Web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox and contain linked pages that fall under their single domain name.

Web Design is a process of planning and constructing a Website, how it appears visually to people who use it. Web Designers are also U/X or User Interface Designers because how a Web site looks is also the interface between the user and the Website’s functions or its programming code. A professional Web Designer is concerned with the Website’s layout, text, links, colors, pictures, and usability functions for both visual and non-visual users.

A project is a temporary effort started to produce products, services or outcomes. It has a clear start and finish regarding time constraints, which outline a project’s capacity and resources. A project is successful when it is completed within its limited time and budget.

Project management is an exclusive concentration designed by a project’s resources and goals. A project’s life cycle is managed from beginning to end including project requirements, deliverables, budget, and time limits. Project management falls under processes including planning, monitoring, and closing. It also deals with knowledge areas like quality, cost, and risk. Project Management is understanding people and business requirements within budget and temporary time constraints.

Graphic design is created with computer software but can also be made with paper and ink, paint, chalk, and pencil. Most often graphic design starts with an idea or sketch either on physical paper or digitally with computers. It has become the art and skill of knowing visually pleasing ways to place media like color, text, pictures, and signs into communication towards specific audiences. Graphic design is also known as visual communication because it is a way to convey information to large groups of people. The big picture is important because it must be easy to understand. Each piece must fit together within the puzzle or collage to be seen as a whole visual presentation.

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