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Phone: 313-777-6006

What are Superstar Universe, LLC primary lines of service?

  • Multimedia Consulting:
    • Devoted team effort
    • Full project commitment
    • Maximum professionalism
    • Services including Superstar Universe, LLC proprietary rapid development process
  • Project Management:
    • Documentation and contractual agreements
    • Business process and product development
    • Change management documentation
    • Business technology
  • Contracted Resources:
    • Client-directed resources provided by Superstar Universe, LLC
    • Specialized subject matter experts in our service areas
    • Skills and talent to fill your immediate project requirements
    • Resource management
  • Retail and E-commerce Sales Management:
    • Creating revenue through product or service sales
    • Direct or E-sale and auction technology
    • Photography, appraisal, and dispatch
    • Declutter, organization, donation

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