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FAQ for Clients

Contact us! If any time you want to talk to a real person using telephone voice, please contact our customer service team at 313-777-6006! Click contact and send us an e-mail through our message system to discuss your project and business requirements or to answer any questions you have. You can also make direct purchases on our products or services through our Web site and E-store. Questions or comments on our products or services can be posted once you set up a free account and log-in. You can also visit us on our Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Superstar Universe is a Multimedia Consulting and Project Management firm. Everything from Print, Videos, Music, Games, and even Web technology. We put technology in the hands of people and art into business processes. Superstar Universe, LLC handles small and enterprise projects of all sizes in several areas of expertise including Retail Sales and E-Commerce. No project is too small or too big, Superstar Universe customizes packages for each client. Superstar Universe uses the three I's of innovation; inspiring, inventive, and implementation to create, apply, complete, and manage successful projects through the direct support of our clients. Since 2003, Superstar Universe, LLC has launched several profitable multimedia projects and created millions in revenue for our clients. 

  • Multimedia Consulting:
    • Devoted team effort
    • Full project commitment
    • Maximum professionalism
    • Services including Superstar Universe, LLC proprietary rapid development process
  • Project Management:
    • Documentation and contractual agreements
    • Business process and product development
    • Change management documentation
    • Business technology
  • Contracted Resources:
    • Client-directed resources provided by Superstar Universe, LLC
    • Specialized subject matter experts in our service areas
    • Skills and talent to fill your immediate project requirements
    • Resource management
  • Retail and E-commerce Sales Management:
    • Creating revenue through product or service sales
    • Direct or E-sale and auction technology
    • Photography, appraisal, and dispatch
    • Declutter, organization, donation

We provide access to highly technical projects, shorten your time-to-project completion, and support economic growth to meet your business objectives. Our core expertise is Multimedia and Technical Project Management with over 15 years of experience. Our team has experts in media and are also technical professionals. With our broad network and our proprietary tools our team is prepared and organized to bring this specialist information to your organization.

Every project is different. From the time you decide to work with us and provide your business information, to develop an initial plan on average takes 3-4 weeks including client approval. Each stage requires clients to sign off and agree to the next phase. Implementing an agreed-upon plan and carrying out a project usually takes about 1-2 months after the initial planning phase. Then the maintenance phase begins. Project planning is usually an ongoing process, since most clients ask us to continue providing maintenance long after their initial projects have completed.

Clients can expect professional, knowledgeable, and experienced consultants who work as a team in the client’s best interest. Superstar Universe, LLC is vested in every aspect of your project. We do this to ensure the success of your business. If you do not achieve your commercial goals neither does Superstar Universe, LLC. We are available to answer questions and solve any technical problems that may occur. We communicate often and mitigate risks to help protect your projects as time moves forward and resources change.

Superstar Universe, LLC does not have a “typical” client. Every client is unique. Since we do Multimedia Consulting and Project management on a fee-for-service basis, our clients are from a variety of industries. We work with people who need help with their small business or large corporation. Our clients want successful projects, to set project goals, and need plans to achieve these goals but do not fall within specific categories.

We have different fee structures depending on the type and level of your project or service your business needs. We work to be transparent in our pricing with clients and to help minimize processes, saving precious time and resources.

Superstar Universe, LLC is a fee-for-service firm. The fee is based on the service the client chooses. We help clients determine which service fits your business needs. We accept payments in cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. We use PayPal for their security to help process payments on our Web site and through our Point of Sale card reader. We accept retainer fees and payments for products or services rendered must be made promptly. We are also affiliated with several business including Walmart, Google, and Best Buy who pay us commission based on their ad views, ad clicks, and ad purchases.

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